Angular 2 Material


Component infrastructure and Material Design components for Angular

Developed by Organization:angular

Used languages: TypeScript(4.72 MB), HTML(420.23 kB), CSS(363.53 kB), Python(129.29 kB), JavaScript(47.42 kB), Shell(19.26 kB)

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Framework design material
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Last release

Jan 29, 2019

Created at Jan 5, 2016

Last commit

Jan 30, 2019

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Release Notes on January 29, 2019 for 7.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • autocomplete: not updating origin if it changes after init (#14677) (4913c36)
  • bottom-sheet: allow disableClose to be updated after opened (#14711) (3d3179f), closes #14708
  • button: focus indication hard to see in high contrast mode (#13259) (fffbcb1)
  • button-toggle: remove references to selected toggle on destroy (#14627) (98f0142)
  • datepicker: update validation when switching from null to error input (#14423) (5aefe60)
  • drag-drop: apply translation transform before user transforms (#14712) (349675a), closes #14699
  • drag-drop: dragging styling not being reset in some cases with OnPush change detection (#14725) (1d4bb18)
  • drag-drop: incorrectly preserving transform if root element changes (#14697) (3656a4e)
  • drag-drop: restore initial transform when resetting (#14701) (005fb46)
  • drag-drop: unable to move item into connected container by passing through another container (#14651) (0bd93dd), closes #14645
  • focus-trap: apply aria-hidden to focus trap tab anchors (#14644) (f66302d)
  • icon: clean up cached references in icon registry on destroy (#14801) (f6b4288)
  • list: action list button outline not being reset on firefox (#14693) (73d0fb9)
  • list: deselect option if value doesn't match up (#14800) (551ded5), closes #14734
  • list: disableRipple on list input not taking effect after init (#14836) (463ac9e), closes #14824
  • menu: not unsubscribing from close stream if trigger is destroyed (#14107) (80f510f)
  • overlay: not sizing flexible overlay correctly when opening downwards on a scrollable page (#14672) (40f8b20)
  • overlay: reset transform when disposing of position strategy (#14660) (86c530e), closes #14657
  • overlay: update size if dimensions change in overlay directives (#14610) (c92d8c9), closes #7811
  • slide-toggle: use default hue for thumb in dark theme (#14230) (7d96ed3), closes #14192
  • sort: extra Firefox focus outline not being reset (#14733) (027d4f4)
  • stepper: ensure step state is not minified (#14933) (e7b0e40)
  • table: not re-rendering when switching to a smaller set of data than the current page (#14665) (a31a2ff), closes #12586 #14010
  • tabs: better handling of animationDuration without units (#14778) (6f49813), closes #13428
  • tabs: don't handle keyboard events with modifier keys (#14234) (76cb9d0)
  • tabs: pagination not working correctly on chrome in rtl mode (#14690) (220e6b2), closes #14689
  • tooltip: afterHidden stream not being completed (#14620) (0394d59)


  • dialog: support adding and removing classes via dialogRef (#14772) (b62f3f3), closes #6206
  • drag-drop: add service for attaching drag&drop to arbitrary DOM nodes (#14437) (5a18ea6)
  • overlay: allow for connected overlay to be positioned relative to a point (#14616) (651549f), closes #5007
  • ripples: support updating global ripple options at runtime (#14705) (4f755cf), closes #9729
  • tabs: add automatic scrolling when holding down paginator (#14632) (e661317), closes #6510
  • tooltip: allow for default position to be configured (#14872) (342e6f0), closes #14862

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