Angular 2 Material


Component infrastructure and Material Design components for Angular

Developed by Organization:angular

Used languages: TypeScript(5.45 MB), HTML(479.69 kB), CSS(410.19 kB), Python(184.03 kB), JavaScript(58.83 kB), Shell(19.41 kB)

Written Sass Less JS
Framework design material
Feature type full

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Last release

Jun 10, 2019

Created at Jan 5, 2016

Last commit

Jun 13, 2019

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Release Notes on June 10, 2019 for 8.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • drag-drop: error if drag sequence is started while another one is finishing (#16081) (23df7aa)
  • drag-n-drop: ignore consecutive touchmove events on drag item on multitouch (#15923) (208d43f)
  • prevent default on escape key presses (#16202) (0871d88)
  • ng-update: fix table generator schematic (#16204) (7386ea1)
  • ng-update: do not report form-field breaking change from v6 (#16161) (7b78cb7), closes #16143
  • ng-update: parse cli workspace config as json5 (#16218) (0fe2711)
  • overlay: stop using capture phase for overlay keyboard handling (#16019) (67b3e5f), closes #9928
  • popover-edit: unable to change type of popover buttons (#16058) (ba9fd14)
  • progress-spinner: non-default diameter indeterminate animation not working inside Shadow DOM (#16177) (e391869)
  • scrolling: virtual scroll throw off if directive injects ViewContainerRef (#16137) (af56441), closes #16130
  • bottom-sheet: allow for scroll strategy to be configured (#15535) (4d0d080), closes #15533


  • popover-edit (experimental): accessible row hover content (#15917) (c979484)
  • popover-edit (experimental): Helper class to reduce form state preservation boilerplate (#15939) (3bc6020)

In this page, you can compare and find Frontend framework for your development in the following categories. Best CSS frameworks to use 2017(based on current maintenance), skeleton framework to start the project immediately, grid support frameworks, material design framework, AngularJS 1 supported frontend framework, Angular 2 supported CSS framework, ReactJs supported frontend framework, metro design framework, etc...

Frameworks can compare based on filesize, currently maintained by contributors, documentation supports and etc...