Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

Developed by User:jgthms

Used languages: CSS(312.70 kB), Shell(1.22 kB)

Written Sass Less JS
Framework design plain, metro
Feature type prototype

Current version


118.56 kB

Last release

Oct 12, 2018

Created at Jan 24, 2016

Last commit

Jan 24, 2019

Open Issues








Release Notes on October 12, 2018 for 0.7.2

New features

  • #1884 New $navbar-burger-color variable
  • #1679 Add breakpoint based column gaps
  • #1905 Fix modal for IE11 #1902
  • #1919 New is-arrowless class for navbar items
  • #1949 New is-fullheight-with-navbar class for heros
  • #1764 New .is-sr-only helper
  • #2109 Add and use $navbar-breakpoint variable
  • New variables $control-height, $control-line-height, $pagination-min-width, $input-height
  • #1720 Add list element feature
  • #2123 Add .content ol types: .is-lower-roman, .is-upper-roman, .is-lower-alpha, .is-upper-alpha, and support for the type= HTML attribute


  • #1964 Allow .notification to have a .dropdown-item
  • #1999 Change $border to $grey-lighter in mixins
  • #2085 .media-content will allow scrolling horizontally if the content is too wide
  • #1744 Fix #1710 by using $table-striped-row-even-hover-background-color only for even rows
  • #2074 Allow <button> as .dropdown-item

Bug fixes

  • #1749 Fix icons floating out of input area
  • #1993 Fixes #1992 Prevent disabled form elements hover state from overlapping, if control has add-ons elements
  • #1909 Fix Modal card in IE11
  • #1908 Fix IE11 when textarea doesn't listen to size=""
  • Fix #1991 The last button in list of full-width buttons has longer width
  • #1982 Fix navbar-burger color when color modifier is used
  • #1819 Fix #1137 error message for required file
  • Fix #1904 and #1969: hide native file input in Chrome
  • #2059 Remove unnecessary right margin from last level-item (level.is-mobile)

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