Metro UI CSS


Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style.

Developed by User:olton

Used languages: CSS(2.71 MB), JavaScript(1.47 MB)

Written Sass Less JS
Framework design plain, metro
Feature type full

Current version


Last release

Nov 26, 2018

Created at Mar 9, 2012

Last commit

Nov 26, 2018

Open Issues








Release Notes on November 26, 2018 for v4.2.30


  • [x] Toast: add function init(options), now you can set toast top position and distance. See docs for details.
  • [x] t-menu: less code moved to separate file
  • [x] h-menu: less code moved to separate file
  • [x] drop-utils: now contains classes for drop-down: dropdown-toggle, drop-up, drop-left, drop-right
  • [x] sidenav-m3: fix icon position for submenu, issue #1266
  • [x] Splitter: fix gutter for nested splitters
  • [x] Splitter: fix calc min size if value for attribute data-min-sizes comma separated value
  • [x] Docs: fix mistake in docs for sidenav-counter-expand-*, issue #1269
  • [x] Docs: fix mistake in docs for spacing
  • [x] Command button: set font-weight to override it when use in wordpress
  • [x] Command button: set line-height to override it when use in wordpress
  • [x] Inline-form: change behavior for .form-group
  • [x] Carousel: add events onSlideShow(HTMLElement slide), onSlideHide(HTMLElement slide)
  • [x] Examples: fix start-screen for scroll on mobile devices

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