Metro UI CSS


Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style and not only.

Developed by User:olton

Used languages: CSS(2.54 MB), JavaScript(1.53 MB), PHP(1.05 kB)

Written Sass Less JS
Framework design plain, metro
Feature type full

Current version


Last release

Apr 13, 2019

Created at Mar 9, 2012

Last commit

Apr 13, 2019

Open Issues








Release Notes on April 13, 2019 for v4.2.40


  • [x] Chat: new component
  • [x] Boxes: add new boxes skill-box, social-box, more-info-box
  • [x] NavView: add behavior for show submenu on left from main menu for compacted mode
  • [x] Cards: add default background color white
  • [x] Cards: fix flex model for image header
  • [x] Colors: change op-* alpha value from 0.7 to 0.1
  • [x] Dropdown: if element has class open, it will be open after initialization
  • [x] Show metro4 about in console: added meta parameter metro4:about. Thanks to Ken Kitay
  • [x] Metro4 Events: added constants,, Constants contains both mouse and touch.
  • [x] Clock: upd component, PR #1341, Thanks to Ken Kitay
  • [x] Sidenav simple: optimize css
  • [x] Sidenav counter: optimize css
  • [x] File: call trigger change when user drop files into drop area
  • [x] Form: Add default styling for input[type=submit], input[type=reset], input[type=button].
  • [x] Rating: add half value for static with attribute data-half="true"
  • [x] Headlines: add margin-top to display*, h1-h5 and .h1-.h5
  • [x] Panel: add text-ellipsis to caption
  • [x] Table: add methods: updateItem(key, field, value), getIndex(), rebuildIndex(), getItem(key)
  • [x] Table: store item data in row. Now you can use'original') to get table row original data
  • [x] Table: store cell data in cell. Now you can use'original') to get cell original data
  • [x] Table: fix incorrect work service radio buttons
  • [x] Select: remove margin-bottom
  • [x] Blockquote: rename class place-right to right-side for right side quote
  • [x] Lists: fix list style position for ordered list
  • [x] Dropdown: add service class stay-open. When an element has this class, an element can't be closed when the user clicks on the document.
  • [x] Collapse: change default animation duration to 100ms
  • [x] Tiles: set cover default position to center center
  • [x] Tiles: add attribute for image slide data-cover-position
  • [x] Timepicker: set default value for data-scroll-speed to 1
  • [x] Datepicker: set default value for data-scroll-speed to 1
  • [x] Countdown: change behavior when browser tab lost focus or invisible
  • [x] Countdown: fix zoom effect
  • [x] Countdown: fix minor bug when first tick (not critical)
  • [x] Dialog: change padding for dialog title to 12px 24px
  • [x] Dialog: add predefined accent classes primary, alert, info, warning, …
  • [x] InfoBox: add predefined accent classes primary, alert, info, warning, …
  • [x] Elements colors: optimize less for using each function
  • [x] Additional colors: optimize less for using each function
  • [x] Element: add class .accent-block for using with accent colors classes primary, alert, info, warning, …
  • [x] Dialog: add close button to top left corner with attribute data-close-button
  • [x] Video: fix show/hide controls when mouse enter leave
  • [x] Video: fix show controls in full screen mode with attribute data-full-screen-mode="desktop"
  • [x] Draggable: fix minor bug for draggable windows
  • [x] Sidenav M3: fix item height with text overflow
  • [x] Sidenav M3: remove floating for d-menu
  • [x] Dropdown: add attribute data-drop-filter. Filtering elements on closing.
  • [x] Select: Opening a select now closes only other selects.
  • [x] Accordion: add drop marker. Marker can disabled with attribute data-show-marker="false"
  • [x] Accordion: fix frames open on accordion init

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